photo credits - Luka Alagiyawanna

My work reflects on technologies of power as mediated through contemporary culture, lived experiences and media. I work across a range of mediums such as photography, video, digital interventions, writing, installation and publication.

Colombo’s dream to become a “World Class City” has been an active area of interest. Through processes of walking and seeing, ethnographic approaches, found images, online content and found objects, I look for glitches in the urban landscape that can reveal subversive truths. Renewed forms of ethnic conflict, state violence etc. that have appeared in the post-war context have also occupied my attention through the documentation of riots and other forms of protest and unrest.

Drawing from a background in critical discourse analysis, a focus on media processes underlies my work. Current projects look at the affective charge of of Tik Tok in ushering in novel forms of urban modernity and the role of Instagram in perpetuating the idea of Sri Lanka as an exotic travel destination. A project focussed on my family’s photo albums uses high resolution scanning and photoshop to search for ‘ghosts’, exploring the potential of retroactive processes of subjective memory as valid ways for minorities to counter hegemonic narratives.

Over the past two years collaboration has played a key role in my work. In 2019, I co-founded The Packet, a collective based in Sri Lanka born of an urgent need for artist led spaces in the country. over the past two years we have worked extensively with publications and digital interventions including artist books, browser based art and site specific installations.