My work draws from dialogues informed by contemporary urgencies that differ with national, political and social histories. Critical discourse analysis and media detournement are presented through publicly accessible platforms such as social media, zines and stickers which accompany exhibits and installations. Collected hyperlocal symbols within specific landscapes reflect on questions shared by diverse global communities to further instigate and disseminate conversation. Being sensitive to the uncertainty and instability of meaning in my work, I view creating always as an “in progress learning process.”

Having begun my art career with photography, my practice has evolved to encompass a range of material and mediums including public media, text, video and publications. While I am influenced by my background in journalism, finance and linguistics, art liberates me from the formalities of these disciplines.

My process begins with a premise colored by a sense of urgency. I then immerse myself in the subject matter through walking, seeing and absorbing. Information is gathered through reading and conversation, and then allowed to coagulate as it sits with theory, history and other knowledge paradigms that inform me. Play and apophenic seeing are central to my approach to making. I am colored by the impressions I make as I travel and observe, and by the ongoing interventions I make on social media, consistently creating unconsciously. These acts help me form impressions which then take shape as I further experiment with juxtapositions and combinations. In the process I make connections through ways of rethinking new media, journalism and ethnography.

Saskia Fernando Gallery