Sri Lanka Muslims still awaiting justice after pre-Ramadan riots (2014)

Anti-Muslim violence in southern Sri Lanka by hardline Sinhala-Buddhist nationalists threatens to be an eerie echo of anti-Tamil violence 30 years ago. For Aquila Style.

Java Lane, Vanishing with Old Colombo (2014)

Photographer and economist Abdul Halik Azeez takes you on a journey through the heart of Slave Island, into the community on Java Lane. Walking through the rubble, he explores the lives and homes of the people who live there, just days before it was all razed to the ground – with it, taking away not only concrete structures but also social structures of an entire neighbourhood of people. For The Picture Press

Religious Intolerance and Islamophobia in Post-war Sri Lanka (2015)

‘Being Sri Lankan’ to me is a confusing idea sometimes. Do we really have an all-encompassing identity that cuts across our cultural and religious differences, or are we just unfortunate inhabitants of the same piece of land?  for Groundviews

World Class Spaces, Coming Soon (2016)

In the post war years, the residents of Slave Island have seen their more than century long idyll being disrupted in massive upheavals as state driven projects have sought to wrest away the land from them in a bid to beautify and ‘modernise’ Colombo. For the Center for Policy Alternatives

From Shanty to Home (2016)

Living in the high rises means lifestyles need to change and adapt. For the Center for Policy Alternatives

The Road to Jaffna (2017)

We are in Vavuniya, the first major city in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, following travelers from the south along the A9 highway to Jaffna. It’s a first for many: The iconic road, which links the north to the south, only just reopened in 2009 after being closed for 19 years. While eight years have elapsed since, many southerners have still not visited the north.  for Parts Unknown CNN

Sri Lanka: The Gentrification of Slave Island – A way of life under threat for Colombo’s Malay population (2018)

While much attention has focused on the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka and the legacy of conflict, which formally ended in 2009, the country’s inequitable development since then has deepened discrimination against its under-served urban communities. This is especially the case for the country’s small Malay minority, many of whom are based in central Colombo and now face the threat of mass eviction from the historical area of Slave Island. For Minority Rights Group