The Packet

Made up of a group of art workers from Sri Lanka, The Packet seeks to make work located in the playful and the intimate in response to a stratified and exclusionary world. The Packet began with a community of artists and friends meeting in an apartment in Colombo. What emerged was a collaboration on a deconstructed art book, and has since evolved into a larger group practice. Instead of “speaking at” or “speaking to”, we’ve been asking what it means to “speak from” and what it looks like to do thinking in public. We adopt a model of collective study that is encompassed by, to paraphrase Fred Moten, “what we do with other people”, with a particular focus on hyper-locality, collaborative processes and conversation.

The Packet works in self-publishing, site specific installations and digital interventions. The Packet was formed as a space for Sri Lankan emerging artists from all disciplines to exist together in community, resisting narratives of art-production and meaning-making defined by global hierarchies.


Zine & Heard
The Office of Mass Resignation
The Packet (deconstructed art book)
Instigating Collaborative Study
talk to you soon, ttyl
the heavy weight of tiny little things
Letters Suffering


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